6 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Photo- Thames Walk, Oxford to Sandford

  1. Mridula

    Sidhu, reacting from a women’s point of view a Yamuna walk would be unsafe for women alone, so I would never be able to do it the way I did Oxford-Sandford.Priyank, but you have been to Peru, I can’t get that out of my mind! You can afford to be lazy for a while.Deepika, many thanks :)

  2. Priyank

    The walk may not be for the lazy but the picture definitely is :) I am going to spend this sunday by the beach doing nothing in particular. Thanks Mridula

  3. Sidhusaaheb

    What if they were to construct a ‘Yamuna walk’ in Delhi? I guess those who do care to venture there would have to hold their noses for the entire length.:D

  4. Mridula

    Hi Tejbir,Sorry about the confusion. On almost ecery Sunday, I post a picture that I call Lazy Sunday Photo, meaning I am too lazy to post anything else :)The road of course signifies no laziness, I know as I walked 3.5 miles to Sandford and back in four hours.

  5. tejbir

    well, a road, in my opinion would not signify “laziness” and as for the bench by its side, it could more be an indication for rest than lethargy.So, the title IMHO does not fit the pic 😉


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