In Quest of Pictures at Oxford

By Mridula Dwivedi June 14, 2008 4 Comments
Christ Church Meadows on A Rainy June (2008) Afternoon

On this trip to Oxford I would often venture out to walk around the city, Christ Church Meadows and the Thames Path with two cameras in my hand. Three days later I realized that all I was doing was looking at the places through the lens and constantly worrying about the quality of the pictures. After three days my frenzy to take pictures became a bit too much for myself to bear.

Later when I came back from Leeds, and started walking again in Oxford, I would keep the SLR in the small backpack that I carried around. With the point and shoot it was easy taking pictures and less distracting. And it was a pain to take out the SLR, I would make the effort only if something really caught up my fancy. This way I managed to see more.

Thinking that on my next trip, I would try to declare one day camera free! I know easier said than done, but I can hand over the camera to others and just enjoy the views.

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4 thoughts on “In Quest of Pictures at Oxford”

  1. I really appreciate the Canon Powershot that my brother has purchased, in that respect. Not too many settings to fiddle with and a 12x optical zoom…:P

  2. This was pretty much the topic of our discussion in out last trek. A friend was saying how he’d rather keep his photography trips different, cos when he’s photographing he looks evrything thru the lens and worry too much abt the lighting that he often fails to experience it first hand.

  3. Sidhu, I do enjoy my SLR but then as Maverick is also saying some of us end up seeing everything through the lens. Need to balance that!Maverick, after three days I realized it was a little too much 🙂 And tried to make amends.

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