I am Back from UK!

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View of Oxford City from Saint Mary’s Church

I came back yesterday and was dead tired even though I had all the three seats to myself on the Jet flight and lied down listening to Hindi old songs for a long time, even managed to sleep for a few hours. Today, I managed to upload some of the pictures of Oxford and Leeds.

And I decided to start with 10 dos and don’ts on the next trip to Oxford (if ever!). And to put the record straight my visits have got nothing to do with the University of Oxford-

10. If I ever go in summer again I would try my hand at punting.

09. One day I took a 9.27 bus back to accommodations when there was a bus later at 10.27. Never again, that is a crime. Taking the last bus or almost last bus back should be the motto!

08. Never fall asleep on a train or the bus. I managed to do so while going to Leeds and going back to Heathrow from Oxford and missed all the views. And there were so many flowers to see!

07. Fell asleep on the shoulders of the fellow passenger on the Oxford-Leeds journey. What an embarrassment when you wake up! So never fall asleep on the way.

06. Have colleagues who are expert at shopping. They found a store called Primark where I could afford to shop. Or else 80 rupees to a pound kills any desire to shop.

05. Do not eat pizza at Pizza Hut. A Pizza Hut is a Pizza Hut is a Pizza Hut in any country.

04. Don’t gain all the weight (2 Kg) by eating the chocolates. I managed to loose 2 Kg by taking those long walks.

03. Learn to deal with dogs that are let off the leash in the countryside. Or better still get a colleague to accompany you who can deal with dogs effectively and also likes to walk. Tough combination!

02. Meet people when possible. I met Kullukid (from Indiamike) and his wife in Leeds and they showed me around the town. Many thanks to them. And host them when they are in India.

01. Walk more! Travel more. Seriously required.

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12 thoughts on “I am Back from UK!

  1. shutterbug

    Hey Mridula, Nice pics.. Though i am yet to see them in detail.. Keep clicking.. :)And nice list too..

  2. Mridula

    Maverick, I almost always manage to get a window seat!Sidhu, you surely would have liked it, a lot of doggies, way too many for my comfort are off their leash in the countryside. Will soon tell that tale in some detail.

  3. Sidhusaaheb

    Welcome back after the break!The photo is excellent, especially with those gorgeous clouds floating about in the sky.:)Lots of doggies let off the leash and free to make friends and play with? Sounds great!:P

  4. Maverick

    i like ur list of dos and donts. i dont like falling asleep in a bus or a train too, esp. when I have a window side seat and im in europe’s countryside :)


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