Hi from Oxford

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Right now I am in Oxford and the second time around the places are a bit more easy to find. It is raining cats and dgos and the days go in meetings but I managed to walk around a lot on day 2 and plan to do the same in the remaining of the stay. Will have a lot of pictures to share later. Hope it stops raining soon.
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5 thoughts on “Hi from Oxford

  1. Mridula

    Maverick, I too loved the walks, in the city around universities and in the country too! Difficult to say which one I like more.Sidhu after that rainy day, the weather was nice and rather cold at night.Vibhanshu, give me a few days, I am still jet lagged :)Lakshmi, summer is the time to be there!

  2. Vibhanshu

    Wow thats amazing. And the Stanford campus is totally different in character from Oxford but both rock :)I was kind of busy with my quals so couldn’t get back to you earlier :) I am looking forward to your article :DHave a fun time


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