Club Mahindra, Coorg- The Trip

When I heard from Arun Nair of Club Mahindra about a proposed trip to Coorg for bloggers at their expense, I of course was delighted and said yes. The bestest part was they were taking care of the Delhi-Bangalore and back, flight too.

When I boarded the plane I was seriously wondering how the trip would turn out to be. This is because I hardly knew anyone in the group and my usual holidays are never spent in a resort. To complicate the matters further, I am the kind of person as Dev described me at the end of the trip, “You are rather reserved and I couldn’t figure you out.” I mean I really am reserved and difficult to figure out.

The first worry after arrival at Bangalore was how to figure out where would Arun be as he was our contact person. But then cell phones come in handy in such situations, however we may curse them otherwise. He called me and asked me to get out of the airport. Then he asked if I was the one with the black luggage and there we were shaking hands. That was the end of all my worries on this trip.

Later, Anil remarked about Arun, “While listening to you on the phone it felt as if we were talking to an elderly person. One could never guess you would be so young.” I agree wholeheartedly.

After a while Kiruba joined us, he is supposed to be the mastermind behind this trip. Then Dev came, we were on the same flight but we had not met. Next to join us were Dhruva and Srinidhi. Last to come were people from Bombay. And the Bombay flight brought Apurva Pandit (remember him? He beat me at the oktatabyebye original travel contest) and he is closely associated with that super site Then I met Anil. I must say I have been a fan of his blog and I did not know he too would be on this trip.

On the way we picked up Anita and Amogha. And the group was complete. Or wait, am I forgetting anyone? How can I forget Sudhir, he is from Chennai and is quite capable of making his presence felt! This makes the gang complete.

So, we boarded the Ganesha and headed to Coorg. The journey in itself was eventful and a lot of talking took place. Soon Dev with his pizza gyan was holding the center stage and I think he retained that position for the entire duration of the trip. The lunch at Kamath’s was wonderful and I dozed off in the van after it but not before agreeing to a game of TT once we reached. I managed to survive without Avomine (anti-nausea medicine) on this stretch.

The Welcome at Club Mahindra- Coorg

The resort is what to be expected of resorts, splendid (but then they come at a price, don’t they?). The welcome was grand, the food the highlight of the trip and the employees, particularly Joy, a real treat. But then for me the central event on day one was TT. I know I have blogged about it before but can’t help bragging again. One of the Club Mahindra employee played doubles with us and the next day Joy started calling me ‘TT madam.’

The next day was devoted to a trip to Talacauvery and later in the evening to the city of Madikeri. Talacuvery is the birth place of the river Cauvery and I think it was Apurva who remarked, “It is difficult to believe that Tamil Nadu and Karnataka fight so much over this!”

Talacuvery temple complex is lovely and the walk to the Brahamgiri Hill all the more enjoyable. Sadly the mere twisting roads give me motion sickness and for this journey, mid way I took an Avomine and then only survived the journey. Same was true for the second day trip to Dubare Elephant Camp.

Abbey Waterfalls, Coorg

Later a few of us visited the Abbey Waterfalls followed by a trip to Omkareswar Temple and musical fountain. On our own, I think many us would have given the musical fountain a miss but then I discovered there is fun in doing ‘regular touristy things’ too. Sadly, on day 2 no one invited me to play TT 🙂

Dubare Elephant Camp, Coorg

The next day’s highlight was a visit to the Dubare Elephant Camp. The place is huge, and if you are a brave soul (which I am not) you can give a bath to the elephant. Again did a routine thing, took an elephant ride! But most fun was watching the elephant take food. The people at the camp make giant balls of food stuff and feed it to the elephants. The elephant in the picture above is waiting for his food.

The evening was devoted to walking around the coffee plantation on the Club Mahindra premises with Joy as our guide. I knew a little bit about Arabica and Robusta coffee beans but Joy really knew about them. On return we tried some of the adventure stuff on the premises. I had a mildly sprained foot (that is still giving me some trouble) so I tried ‘the river crossing’ where I was using my hands primarily and I definitely enjoyed it.

The Legendary Sweet Dishes

But if you ask for the highlight of this trip I would say food, sweet dishes in particular. And that is really surprising, because I am usually know to say, “Well, don’t ask me, I am pretty indifferent to food.” The buffet at Club Mahindra was sumptuous beyond belief. On the first day I was a bit late for the breakfast (but this was the regular role of Sudhir) and I remember telling Kiruba, “I wish I had more time to do some justice to this breakfast.” It is a wonder that I have still managed not to gain weight after this trip, I mean at every lunch and dinner I was demolishing plateful of sweet dishes. What a bliss it was.

So, to sum it up this was a trip that was not my regular cup of tea in so many ways. I traveled with a bunch I didn’t know (I usually travel only with family) did things I don’t do like visiting local ‘touristy’ sights (our trips consist only of walking) stayed at a resort (budget hotels are our way and it will remain so unless another sponsored trip happens 🙂 enjoyed food (I am pretty indifferent as I said, 10 years of hostel food i
s capable of killing all those taste buds) and yet it was a fabulous trip! I guess it was the people who made all the difference!

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  1. I feel like making friends with that elephant and the sweet-dish looks so delicious that I wish I could actually climb into the picture and gobble it up… 😛

  2. He he, Sidhu, thanks for the laugh about the sweet dish. And of course you would like to make friends with animals.

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