Finally, the Spiti Tale!

By Mridula Dwivedi September 25, 2007 11 Comments

Magnificent Spiti

Months after I actually trekked in Spiti, my travel tale is up at the Gonomad website. I even got poked by Priyank that it was about time I wrote this tale. Here is a short excerpt from the article-

The walk from Komik to Demul was the longest. It took us 6 hours, though I met a gentleman from Austria who said he did it in 3 hours. Hats off to him, is all I can say. It was the day when I realized that when pushed a lot my back is capable of hurting like mad.

However, the route was so beautiful and the weather pleasant due to a clouded sky. At our lunch point we were visited by Yaks, who came to drink from the same source as us! But at that time, I found it difficult to eat and was lying flat on my back waiting for others to finish the lunch.


11 thoughts on “Finally, the Spiti Tale!”

  1. Thank you Avnish.Priyank, thanks for putting it in a different light!Madhukar, thank you. That long time bit is due to tight work schedule. Even I am waiting for my next trip!

  2. That field in the picture reminds me of the small sized bulls/oxen that are employed for tilling the fields in hilly areas.:)

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