Spiti Trip, Day 2- At Manali

By Mridula Dwivedi July 20, 2007 11 Comments

So, we finally reached Manali after 20 long hours of starting from Delhi (that account is available from the first link above) once again on a private bus.

The first thing we needed to find was a hotel. We wanted to try our luck at Sunshine Guest House in Manali as it was recommended at Indiamike. Sesha offered that we take an auto (that means he was too tired, otherwise it is always on foot) to the place. However, on reaching there we found it was completely booked.

Sesha once again asked us to guard the rucksacks while he would find us a room. So, off he went and quite quickly returned and walked us to D’Chatel (picture below). When he started paying for our room (he just loves lousy hotel rooms) I was quite surprised that he took out multiple 500 rupees notes to pay. The room was large, had an extra bed for Dilip (my nephew) and I guess it was Sesha’s way of saying he was sorry he dragged us through 20 hour Delhi-Manali ordeal.

D’Chatel at Manali

The room was just fine at Rs 1500 and the next thing to hunt for was food. The hotel had a restaurant called Mom’s Kitchen and we wanted to grab something quickly. With hindsight I can say we were lucky that the restaurant was not serving lunch at 4.00 in the evening. The people at the hotel pointed out the Shanti Dhaba and we had an excellent late lunch there, of course followed by tea.

The Shanti Dhaba

After lunch, it was time to book tickets for Kaza. We were not sure if the buses had started plying on Manali-Kaza route but our first stop for inquiry was the government bus stand. We were in good luck and buses were running and we bought three tickets for the next day 5.30 am bus.

Cars at Rohtang Pass- Manali

After the booking the bus ticket we were free to roam around but we are not very fond of Manali. It is just way too crowded in the season. And anyway we were too tired to do much. So, we came back to the hotel. Dilip and I had another tea session. Then for dinner Dilip and Sesha decided to have dinner at Mom’s kitchen ignoring my advice against it. Well, the food was very ordinary and quite overpriced. The patron too was acting quite pricey and we did not enjoy the meal at all.

After the meal, it was time to read our books (all three of us were reading different books) and set the alarm in my mobile for 3.45 am.

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11 thoughts on “Spiti Trip, Day 2- At Manali”

  1. You must be before 9 in morning at Rohtang, ’cause vehicles in pics are far less. Rohtang still has charm, I was at Rohtang on 25th June, 07. I love driving my Maruti up to Rohtang.Mk

  2. Manali i heard is worse than ulsoor lake ..the place looks like a market with the no of cars ..hows the hotel ?

  3. Manali i heard is worse than ulsoor lake ..the place looks like a market with the no of cars ..hows the hotel ?

  4. Priyank I thoroughly enjoyed your analogy of Kumbh Mela! Smita, I guess comfort would mean different things to different people. We generally do not spend more than 500 rupees at a hotel room, so I guess yes, this place was comparatively more comfortable 🙂 Madhukar, this is mid day at Rohtang and this is only a section of vehicles crowding there. I am sure Rohtang has charm but not that much when you are coming back from places like DhankarPijush, you are laughing at my miseries :)Backpakker, Manali, I have said often, is too crowded in the season for me. The hotel was OK for a day’s stay. We anyway are not choosy about hotels. I think I will have to visit Ulsoor lake once 🙂

  5. Nice old Manali stay, however its quite expensive to afford, but interesting thing is you can always find cheap food in India. You should have taken HRTC bus from Delhi to Manali it usually takes 14 hrs without any hitches.

  6. Deepak (Iapain) I not very fond of Manali, but yes one has to go there as a get away to other places. And I agree about the HRTC bus. In fact any bus from inside ISBT would have done.

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