Oktatabyebye.Com- Taking Second Chances

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Yak at Changu Lake, Sikkim, One of my Entries

Remember Oktatabyebye.com? Well, they are holding a photography contest this time. I know, I know, I am a hopeless photographer (who have managed to visit some beautiful places) and people with better skills would do wonder to the places I have been. But I decided to take a second chance with them. Here are all my entries for the contest.

Well, they have a complected judging system this time, but there is a well defined process in place. The only hitch is that you have to be registered to vote. And anyway, as I said, I am a hopeless photographer, so after finishing this post I am going to forget this contest. And I don’t need much help. The classes start next week and I teach three days a week. And no, I am not complaining, I have seen much worse.

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8 thoughts on “Oktatabyebye.Com- Taking Second Chances


    Hahhaaha…that was meant to be a joke right? :-) Moreover it doesnt matter if you win or lose….but pictures we have taken should make us happy….to rejoice that moment. I am sure all your pictures makes you smile with joy when revisited.

  2. Anil P

    Pictures can only translate what the ‘heart’ of the camera ‘feels’, never what the photographer does.Good luck to you.


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