Off Topic- Hai na bolo bolo,, Well these are Lyrics of a Hindi Song

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This is my niece singing a Hindi song, Hai na bolo bolo…

And I am down with cold, this lousy weather combined with power fluctuations …

But let me see if I can do one more post today.

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3 thoughts on “Off Topic- Hai na bolo bolo,, Well these are Lyrics of a Hindi Song

  1. Mridula

    Priyank, there are two camps in our home, one of musicians and my brother -in-law and husband firmly belong to it. Dilip has one leg in music camp. Then there is the sports camp to which I, my sister and Sunil (my younger nephew) belong to. Dilip has one leg in this one too, he plays basket-ball well. There is a keen interest to see which camp Vasu will park herself in. And if one has to go by the current indications, she is firmly leaning to the music camp much to our dismay.Pooja, I must have watched this video at least a hundred times by now! I wonder how old is your niece?


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