Day 3- Manali to Kaza

By Mridula Dwivedi July 27, 2007 20 Comments

So, at Manali I set the alarm clock to 3.45 and soon fell asleep. It felt as if the alarm went almost the next moment. I got up first, gulped Avomine (anti-nausea medicine for motion sickness on hill roads) and let the others sleep while I captured the wash room. Soon, it was the turn of the others to gulp Avomine and get ready. That was the start to our Manali to Kaza journey.

The lazy bones made it 4.30 by the time we left. We walked to the bus stand and located the Kaza bus and found ourself three seats. We were given the start time of 5.00 am but the bus moved at 5.30, though at that hour 5 or 5.30 hardly makes any difference. I wake up like a dead fish in the mornings.

I was wide awake till we stopped for tea at Rohtang Pass around 7.30 in the morning. At that hour the place was empty but otherwise it is known for attracting huge crowds. Had a nice cup of tea in the chilly weather and soon the driver gave his customary honk to let us know that he was about to start again. By now the Avomine was taking its effect and I was getting zonked. Yet I remember opening my eyes at Gramphu and I was stuck by its beauty. But I was too sleepy to take out the camera and take a picture on the moving bus.

Beautiful Batal, Spiti

The only time I properly opened my eyes on this was to eat food at Batal. The rice and rajmaΒ tasted heavenly and the tea after it was just what I needed. However, once again the bus started moving and I became aware of myself at Losar, another beautiful village and another stop for tea, some hours later.

I also remember Kunzun-La vaguely and I took a hazy picture too. I became quite awake at Rangrik, and that is quite close to Kaza. Sesha told us that at some point a well built (probably intoxicated too) man boarded the bus and refused to pay his fare and made quite a ruckus. He says, after looking at the man’s built the conductor and the driver let the ticket issue pass. Well, I slept through all this.

Finally, around 4.00 in the evening nearly 11 hours after we boarded the bus, we were at Kaza. We saw two hotels quote close to the bus stand and checked in at the first one (Delley Hotel) and it was quite OK. We always promise ourselves that we will explore a lot of hotels before we check in. But the reality that almost always we check into the first acceptable option because we have no energy left.

Later, we went for a cup of coffee and soon had food and once again called it a day.

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20 thoughts on “Day 3- Manali to Kaza”

  1. Mridula, it is rather sad that you can’t take the mountain roads. Rohtang-la to Batal, and Losar to Ruprik are some of the prettiest roads I have ever seen in my lifetime.The chachaji in Batal dhaba is a charming guy. Did you talk to him?

  2. Arun, I know πŸ™ But the sliver lining is that after two three days of avomine for various reasons, I can stand it off better. That way, while coming back I could admire the road/route much better. And I agree it is very beautiful.Sunil, welcome to my blog and thanks for letting me know that you would be stalking.

  3. I went to Manali last December to see the snowfall. Was missing it terribly. Rohtang Pass was closed due to bad weather. :(But that gives me one more reason to visit again. πŸ™‚ Learning the tricks from you. πŸ˜‰

  4. Nice post Mridula, I missed some of the posts before but finally managed to go through, thanks for the related post index.

  5. Thanks, Anwin.Ketan, good to see you here after such a long time. Where have you been?Cuckoo, it is always a good idea to visit a place more than once πŸ™‚ Though I would say leaving the mobile behind would probably not work at Manali ;)Pijush, and I though the index must be irritating the hell out of the readers! Thanks for letting me know that is otherwise.

  6. Hi Mridula:I am planning to visit spiti (a solitary trip ) around this month end.Thanks for the loads of info. Not sure i can do the trek at that altitude, i am in two minds whether to do a land trip or a trek, what would you suggest.Cheers!Anu——————————————–——————————————-

  7. Anuradha, maybe instead of doing the entire trek you may walk a part? The best thing would be to find your pace first and see how you react to the altitude. Wish you a wonderful trip.

  8. Was reading up the road access during sept/oct here: idea if there could be chances of the Manali-Kaaza road being closed early Oct. I need to get to delhi and plan my trip from there πŸ™‚ was thinking of doing delhi-manali and manali-kaaza but if the access roads are closed, will try and head to simla and take the bus from there.Thanks!Anu

  9. I am starting for a trip to the Tribal Circuit of Himachal Pradesh, i.e., Shimla,Sarahan,Sangla,Kalpa,Tabo,Kaza to Manali via Kunzum La & Rotang La,and finally to Chandigarh. I will be starting on 20/09/2014 with my family and we are 2 adults and one child(6yrs). I will be hiring a car from Shimla right upto Chandigarh. My return date from Chandigarh is 01/10/2014. If any family eager to join me in this trip pls contact me. my mobile is 9230514986.

  10. Hi, the pictures on the Picasa album was simply amazing!
    Just a question. How was the trek arranged? Prior to reaching Manali? or, was it on the spot?!

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