12 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Photo- Hikkim Village, Spiti, India

  1. indicaspecies

    Mridula, Welcome back. I checked your pictures and they are awesome. The warning of too many pictures wasn’t necessary. Each piece is beautiful. Now that Arun and you have returned, it’s my turn to head to those very mountains. Can’t wait to see in real what I see in your pictures!

  2. Mridula

    Priyank, I could safely live there for a month or so I think. And they have Tata Sky with Airtel coming in Kaza by July 3, and alreadya shop in Kaza that offers internet connection through satellite @ Rs 80/hr. How does it feel now?Maverick, that is very interesting :) You should go there.Madukar, thanks, by the way all these villages are connected by road too, so if one wants, one can hire a jeep!

  3. maverick

    great trip, im so missing those raw treks and beautiful mysteries tht unfold when u least expect them. im so tired of the vegas-california kinda cliches :(. n btw Kaza, i never knew a town by tht name existed, n oo did i tell u its my last name :)

  4. Priyank

    oh that pic suddenly reminds me of life without computers, cars, clocks and noise. How long would city animals (like me) survive there!


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