Hardly a Week and the Memories of Spiti are Already Fading

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View from Dhankar, Spiti, India

I know life has treated me really kindly and I really have no right to crib but one week into the plains and all these beautiful memories of Spiti have already started to fade, sigh… I realized it with a start today when I was worrying about trifles, like a perceived slight when probably none was intended, a little of this and a little of that. And how easy it is to forget that just a week before I was in the paradise!

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9 thoughts on “Hardly a Week and the Memories of Spiti are Already Fading

  1. Mridula

    Backpakker, you could have added ‘reality’ to welcome back -)) and tis is a smiley as the colon key is not working at my keyboard.Pijush, I think I will be able to right it now. See my latest post and you will know why I am saying this.Akira, thanks for seconding Sidhu, I agree it is sound advice.

  2. Mridula

    Priyank and Cuckoo, from tomorrow, I will start to write the proper posts. Thanks for nudging in the right direction.Smita, thanks for your comment, you have put things in perspective!Siddhu, I guess you are right but the problem was I was not even closing my eyes and trying to dream. But I am much more peaceful now.

  3. Sidhusaaheb

    Just close your eyes and you’ll be back among those sights, sounds and smells…:)I can see from the photo, why you choose to describe the place as paradise.

  4. Smita

    Atleast u were in paradise! wud it be that if u were always there?! ;DGreat snap! It really looks like heaven.

  5. final_transit

    Nice pic, esp with the sun rays:)by the way, to prevent the memories from ‘really’ fading away, I’m going to crib more and more untill you tell us a detailed version of your travel :) :) Looking forward to it.


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