A Trip to Lahaul and Spiti is on Cards

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We are planning to trek and spend a few days in the Lahaul and Spiti region in Himachal Pradesh sometime in June. Plans are slowly taking shape. Any tips that you feel like sharing are most welcome. My starting point has been this post at Indiamike. Look at the pictures there! I can hardly wait.

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7 thoughts on “A Trip to Lahaul and Spiti is on Cards

  1. Mridula

    Deepak, thanks a lot for your tips.Ajeya, we keep changing our plans every day!Sigma, but you have been to so many places!Pooja, I will never never get a deer paying a visit to my house so don’t be jealous.Sathish , this year has been good so far!Celine, I am sure you will have a wonderful trip in July!

  2. Celine

    Mridula,Do you leave such postings only for tips or is it also an invitation for others to join you, if they wish? If, for any reason, the trip is postponed till July (I hope not, for your sake), then I might join you :PIf not this time, I still have the VoF Uttaranchal trip in mind. :)

  3. iapain

    Hi,Good luck and happy journey to the Spiti valley. I did various mistakes last year, and that why I am also visiting this year.Todo there:1. Kalpa is nice place to see2. Tabo2. Dankar Lake 3. Pin Valley (need 1 day)4. Kye Monestry (need 1 day)5. Chandratal lake (Track can be arranged in Kaza)Keep Traveling-Deepak (whereisdeepak.wordpress.com)


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