May Seems to be so Far Away …

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I am going to miss these trails all through April

By my standards I have traveled a lot since December 2006. First there was this college trip to Khurpatal, then we went to Sikkim at the end of the month and were in a train on the new year eve (loved it!). Then in Feb we went to Shringi Vatika and then I went back to Shringi Vatika again in the beginning of March with my younger nephew to get my cell phone back.

Now there are no trips planned till mid May (hopefully we will go to Prashar Lake in May). And there is lot of work to be done in between. How am I going to survive in April? Well, maybe by taking it out while playing table tennis.

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3 thoughts on “May Seems to be so Far Away …

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    Wow so much of travel in such a short time … too good.. Although I wonder how u fancy travelling during hot summer? Its unbearbly hot for me to even step out of home But I wish u all the best :) :)


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