I am Amazed!

That I won the best travel blog title at the Indibloggies 2006. I don’t even know what the prizes are for the category, I was so confident of not winning.
Thanks a lot to all of you who voted for me. As I have said before, for me the best part of blogging has been the people I have got to interact with, through comments, through emails and the few that I have met. All of you have played a special part in shaping this blog.

18 thoughts on “I am Amazed!”

  1. congrats mridula…this is the first time i am herewill go thru ur posts latercongrats once againSiju

  2. Congrats Mridula for well deserved win :)the thing that separates you from other nominations is that you interact very nicely with commentors on your blog (this doesn’t negate the fact that you have one of best travel blog). i am sure all commenters on your blog would have voted for you 🙂

  3. Rajeev, thank you so much.Siju, thank you for stopping by. I checked your blog and thought I can’t understand the language, I loved the pictures.Madhukar, thank you so much. But this is the first time you left a comment here isn’t it?Prashanth, thanks a lot for nominating me in the first place :)Nilesh, thank you for the comment. I have often said, I love the comments I get and I mean it. After all, that is the only feedback I get and it would be really stupid not to value it!

  4. Wow …that is a great news and I was out of city ,so I missed the action Don’t be surprised it was long overdue and bound to happen .This reminds me of one of your articles where you mentioned “The wheels of justice grind slowly, But they grind exceeding fine”How apt.That gives me inspiration to update my otherwise dead blog.Oh!There is so much to share and write .Congrats one more time 🙂

  5. You’re our star Mridula! The GoNOMAD Blog network is proud to have you, an award winner, in our ranks. We hope you keep posting and writing…great job!MaxStevePaulKelly QuangSonyMarinaMelissaKentBill

  6. Hey congrats Mridula. I came to know about it the other day when you told. Ohh .. I should have voted in the forum had i knew about it. May be I will keep looking about it from now on.I have not seen many travel blogs so far but I definitely feel yours a well deserved win. I just love reading it 🙂

  7. VJ, thanks a lot for your comment. In fact, yesterday when I saw you on Google chat I wanted to tell this to you but then you had a busy sign. Hey, you also have to do my tag.Sure Deepak, so when are you giving it to me 🙂 But if you are in Delhi, do let me know.Patteri, I tried to check out your blog but to my surprise I only get a lot of ????? I think your’s is a language blog and I somehow can’t read it. Thanks a lot for stopping by.Sakshi, thank you.Max, thanks a lot to all of you. A lot of credit for shaping my blog goes to you and Gonomad.Madhur, thanks a lot for your comment and stopping by. And may you get more time to blog yourself and may you do the bike trip to Tibet corder.

  8. इंडीब्लॉग्स में विजेता चुने जाने पर हार्दिक बधाईआशा है कि अब कुछ और भी रोचक यात्रा-वृतांत पढ़ने को मिलेंगे।

  9. Rajeev, thanks a lot for your wishes. Aap ki comment ke liye shukriya. I do keep writing about travel almost all the time. Do drop in again.

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