Some Pictures from Sikkim

By Mridula Dwivedi January 2, 2007 15 Comments

The Road to the Nathu-La (India-China Border, Sikkim)

I am back from my trip to Sikkim and the semester has begun too! I have so much to write about the trip but it will take me a few days to start writing proper posts. I thought, in the meanwhile, I will share my pictures from Sikkim.

I thank you all so much who have left comments on my previous posts. I hate to leave my comments unanswered but that too will take me a day or two. I hope the new year started on just the right note for all of you. My right note is visible in the pictures.

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15 thoughts on “Some Pictures from Sikkim”

  1. this one on top of the clouds, is beautiful picture.How was the weather? Esp, did you find it a good time of year to visit the place? I have this idea of seeing one full cycle of sun(ie. 24 hrs day), wherever I go(if others are patient enough). and hence the question … what part of the day did you find most interesting? why? How was the food? and people?

  2. Ketan, I wrote a detailed post and then had to take it down as the Gonomad guys are considering it for publication on their main webpage. I hope the entire article would be available soon.Deepak, how was your vacation? I hope you had a wonderful time.Qaminante, soon, a more detailed article would appear.Thanks Ritwik.Ajeya, I am going to that soon, as I said I already did it and then had to take it down.Cuckoo, getting to the hills is as close to heaven as I will ever get probably 🙂

  3. Dear Mridula,I came across your sikkim blog while i was researching for info to travel to sikkim in Sept. Did you travel on your own or with a tour operator … any recommendationm… there is a flood of providers on thenet …

  4. Dear Chitra,I have written you a mail. And we did most of the trip on our own, did not pre-book the hotels at any place. The trip to Nathu-La and Yumthang Valley too, we booked after reaching Gangtok.

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