Sikkim Redefines Green for Me

Khang-Chen-Dzon Ga (Kanchanjunga)

A few months back I was inviting suggestions and when a colleague talked about a visit to Sikkim in December, I was intrigued but apprehensive at the same time. He assured me it would not be very cold. But cold can mean different things to different people. When folks have yet to declare winter, I already start using the room heater in my office.

I can become quite miserable if the weather is too cold, though Sesha’s (my husband) motto is, the colder the better. So, when I sounded him out for Sikkim, he was quite enthusiastic. After searching on the internet (Indiamike, in particular) I concluded that many people have already achieved the feat I was considering and there are high chances of coming back in one single piece. And I am back now to tell you the story.


I have truncated my original post and my apologies to those who came here looking for it, particularly in response to my links at Indiamike. The original article is under consideration for publication and if everything goes well it will be available in full soon again. Once again my sincere apologies.

Update 2: My travelogue on Sikkim in December is now available in full on the Gonomad website.

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16 thoughts on “Sikkim Redefines Green for Me”

  1. Hey Mridula..glad to have you back…the pic is mindblowing…waiting fr more….:)

  2. Ketan, thanks.Prashanth, the picture is taken from the hotel window. I too am waiting for the article to be published. After all it is not in my hands πŸ™‚

  3. Yes Prashanth but it is minus that s. But I found that is also a travel relate site, had to be I guess.

  4. wow what an amazing view … though I sincerely wish that there could have been enough light on the mountain slopes to enjoy its texture … Hope you had loads of fun … lemme know if your article gets published ..

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