Longing for Some 10 KMPH Days Again!

This time when I came back from the Kuari Pass trek, I felt totally disconnected from my day to day life. Now, two and a half months later, I can barely remember the trek. Life is flashing past me in a whirl of activities and I feel overwhelmed at times. Then, I know it is the time to sit back and look through my 200 plus photographs of the trek and muse about it.

One day while walking on the trek route, Sesha and I were marveling at the beauty all around and wondering why the life never seems the same in the city. Sonu (our guide for the trek) responded (we were chatting in Hindi) “We bring your 80 KMPH life to 10 KMPH here in the hills and that is why you feel so peaceful here”. How true his words ring now.

As I said before, life seems to be whirling all around me. For instance, it is almost midnight while I am writing this. I have a net connection running on my system, my elder nephew is blasting VH1 on TV and I am trying to write alongside. During the day I took a class (three hours) then edited two papers for our institute journal. And yet, I feel I am unable to keep pace. Hectic, is the word that comes to the mind. And then when it takes time to load my picture to blogger I play Spider Solitaire, as if I had not crammed enough unnecessary activities in a day!

How I long for some 10 KMPH days again! But December is the only time now that I will be able to take some time off. Of course I will have to break the monotony by taking some weekend trips in the meanwhile.

6 thoughts on “Longing for Some 10 KMPH Days Again!

  1. Mridula

    It is not as difficult as it looks didi :)Max, thanks a lot once again to you and everyone at Gonomad. This is the third and yet I get the same thrill that I got when I published for the first time at Gonomad.


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