Rajdhani Hotel, Bharmour, Himanchal Pradesh, India

It has been such a long time since I traveled anywhere. My last trip was to Bharatpur this January and before that to Bharmour in December 2005. Nothing seems possible before June now. Before I travel next, what I want to tell is the tale of a hotel from Bharmour.

When we arrived in Bharmour one cold December afternoon, we had no idea where to stay. We were depending on the friendly tout (who turn out to not so friendly at occasions) to direct us to a hotel. When we stepped down the bus, we were the only tourist around (the joys of traveling in the off-season to otherwise crowded places in India) and nobody could have cared less. There were just two roads leading into the sleepy town and we randomly selected one. It took us to this beautiful Chaurasi Temple complex.

The Chaurasi Temple Complex

A group of men were having tea near the entrance and H asked them to suggest a hotel room. They pointed out to a building across the road and sent someone in search of the owner. After 15 minutes a young lad came with the keys and my husband went to have a look. We do not look for luxury when it comes to hotel rooms in ‘off the beaten track’ places but H knows what bare minimum I expect (and that is just one thing, the room should not stink) and this one did not pass the test.

We were told that the Rajdhani Hotel is the best in town and with one person guiding us through shortcuts we headed towards it. However, when we reached the place it was locked and there was not a soul around. After waiting for quite sometime we became impatient and decided to try another place. Our guide took us to a tea house (Dhaba) that rented out a few rooms too. I was not too happy with it (for one, it has no attached baths) but for the time being we decided to dump our luggage there and stuff a few parathas at a dhaba across the road. The owner of that place started chatting with us and we were lamenting the lack of a proper room when suddenly another member having tea there identified himself as the owner of the Rajdhani Hotel! We told him we wanted a room at his place. He was reluctant; he didn’t want to be seen as stealing business from his fellow folks. We assured him we would pay the lady one days rent (it was a pittance by city standards) and then move.

The Rajdhani Hotel

We later moved to the Rajdhani Hotel and we were the only guests. The place had hot water and a basic clean room. But it also gave us something free. We did not feel its presence the first day. Then we left for Hadsar. When we came back to Rajdhani hotel again, H got up that night and put our bag inside the cupboard, telling me there was something in the room. I was too sleepy to pay him much attention. When I woke up in the morning, I asked him where our bag has vanished. He reminded me to look in the cupboard and as soon as I opened it, a mouse leaped out of it. H had packed the bag along with the mouse inside the cupboard. I am scared stiff of anything that moves on four or more legs (or without legs, sometimes even of what moves on two legs or a few wheels too) and it jolted me wide awake. The idea that the creature had a free time inside our clothes and stuff did not leave me amused but there was not much I could do. Given the penchant for the kind of the places we visit, I think I will meet one of its folks somewhere again.

12 thoughts on “Rajdhani Hotel, Bharmour, Himanchal Pradesh, India”

  1. I had a mouse experience in England, scared me half to death when it jumped out of a cupboard I had just put my hand into – but I encountered the biggest cockroach I ever saw (credit-card-size, with antennae even longer) in a 5* hotel in Kerala, and at the same place, nearly packed one of those hand-sized, pale-pink spiders in my suitcase! (Not sure which of those would have eaten which, had they encountered each other) I like wildlife, but not IN MY ROOM WITH ME!

  2. Poison, that temple complex was old, I have forgotten how ancient but it is really historic. And you take care while riding that motorbike of yours. Quaminante, that happened to you in a 5 star hotel room? Maybe I should stop cribbing about the budget hotels so much.Ganga, thank you.

  3. I have never been done too much travelling in India, even though I have friends from all over! NOw when am I really going to go on a India darshan!Nice pics – Mouse out of cupboard – whoa?!!SuyogPS: Thanks for commentin on my blog Mridula – i had a great trip back home :).

  4. Suyog, you ‘must’ travel in India. There are incredible places but the trick is to avoid the tourist traps or at least not visit only them!Emma, that was definitely creepy.

  5. Mice are just the worst sort of pest, nearly as bad as cockroaches, and I am just praying that this won’t be a problem when I do my upcoming travels. Last year Robi & I were in Morocco and while camping in the desert we found a scorpian on our blanket, but it was no big deal for me. I’m much more afraid of roaches.

  6. Scorpian in Morocco! And you were not scared? I am sure I would freak out. And I freak out with roaches and mice too. Hope you have a great trip this time.

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