An Ode to my Departed Ladakh Pictures

By Mridula Dwivedi September 21, 2005 26 Comments
I had 400 plus pictures from my recent trip (June, 2005) to Ladakh. Like a fool I saved them in ‘my pictures’ folder on C drive. Like a fool I did not write a CD and like a fool again I did not transfer them to the other system at my home from my laptop. Then the hard disk on my laptop crashed. Only D drive data could be retrived. Apaprt from a few photos that I have on my blog and 50 that I have on webshots all others are gone! Today I am posting a few of my favorite existing ones and lament the ones that are gone.

On the Way to Ganda La, Ladakh
This one is again taken on the trek route and I love the clear blue sky and the pebbles in the picture. But I lament so sorely many other trek route photographs that included some glorious sunsets.

Wild Rose Bush, Ladakh
This photograph was taken on a trekking route on the way to Rumbak and I love it because the blooming flowers provide such a sharp contrast to the otherwise bleak scene. But I lament a lovely yellow rose bush photograph that I took near the hotel I stayed. The kids playing near it offered me a few of its flowers too, one day when I was passing by.

Spitok, Ladakh
We had to leave our trek mid way as I took unwell. When we came back to our starting point, we sat at a tea stall. In the photo you can see the gate leading to the tea stall. There was a bridge near it and I took at least 50 pictures that day. A few of them I uploaded but the rest are gone.

Pangong Lake, Ladakh
This is my most magnificient shot of the Pangong lake and I am happy it survived. But my husband and I took at least 100 shots of the Pangong lake and a few had our faces in it too, which I do not upload anywhere! All of them gone. And both of us to be blamed for it.
Only one good thing has come out of it and that is our resolve to visit Ladakh again, sometime soon.
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26 thoughts on “An Ode to my Departed Ladakh Pictures”

  1. Excellent pictures Mridula. The one of the Pangong lake is my favorite. And really sad to hear you lost the other pictures. I would hate to lose my travel pics like the way you did. Fortunately Sunit does a good job of backing things up.But then there is lesson learnt here, I guess.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you lost your photos. My home computer crashed several months back and I’m anxious to retreive the hard drive to see what’s left of my data. We have another computer but still have the old broken one too. I like the blooming bush very much ;-)!

  3. That’s so sad! Have you tried any of the software out there that helps retrieve data after a crash? A lot of them have free demo downloads you could try.If nothing else, at least you have a good excuse to go back, although that photo of the lake is so beautiful it wouldn’t take much to convince me.

  4. Uma, thank you.Pooja, there is definitely a lesson learnt here, one that I am not going to forget in a hurry. Usually, we are not this careless but then probably Ladakh is calling us again.Crystal, in some way the rosebush is my favorite too. The yellow ones too were just superb. Avik, glad that you liked the photos.Lily, the drive has been reformatted and I took it the HP shop but they were unbale to do anything.Ladakh is incredibly beautiful but it is very far and the journey by road is very tiring. So not next year, but may be the year after next we will go again. We have to try completing that trek again.

  5. Pangong lake is beautiful.. and the water looks a different color at every direction!!! I remember the roads.. the sheeps , the yaks .. Ladakh is beautiful.. rearing to go there again !

  6. looking at the pictures that ‘survived’ i can see how heartbreaking a loss this must be. but, i’m sure you’d get better pictures next time. cheer up.

  7. I am sorry for your loss; that is really sad, and I can well imagine what you must have gone through when you realized you have lost your pictures. The pictures that you still have stand testimony to what great photographs they must have been. Cheer up, for after all you still have the memories of the trip imprinted on your mind. And the next time round I am sure you will more than make up for the pictures you lost.

  8. Poison, buying DVD burner will burn a hole in my pocket. You should not give such suggestions on the 23rd of the month. We have a CD writer but on the other system. It serves our purpose had we not been so lazy.Thoughs, we too are dreaming of going there again, tough not next year but maybe after that.Rags, thank you.Kuffir, it was heartbreaking, I loved those pictures but yes we will go again.Emma, thank you for your kind words. Yes, we have to go back again. But next year it is probably Auli and a trek there. After that maybe we will go to Ladakh again.

  9. omG its one beautiful placemy friend recenty visited Kashmir….after his housesurgency ..and the photos he brough back made me soo very jealous lolhave a great timethomas

  10. btw u get dvd burners for as less as 3k i suppose and the photos as said abov are awesome, especially the ones with the lakes.. need to visit ladakh soon, do u ve a link to any detailed travelogue of ur visit to ladakh??scrap bac, ciao

  11. Undersky, I will schedule buying a DVD burner in my to do list. Thanks for mentioning the price, it sounds buyable!We have to visit Kerela someday, so many places, so little time.

  12. sad!.. i would have loved to see ur other pictures too… u have a certain eye.. i must say..anyway i guess that i gives u an excuse to go back!take care!Jaspreet

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