On the Way to Rohtang Pass: Traffic Jam

The first time I passed through the Rohtang pass (a little more than 50 km away from Manali) it was on my way to Leh. We had started at 2 am from Manali and when we reached the Rohtang Pass, an hour or two later, the place was bewitchingly beautiful.

As far as the eye could see, there was snow and silence. A narrow road passed through it and I thought I would like to visit it on its own. It is anyway a very popular tourist spot. I never realized the beauty lied in being there at the off-peak hours!

The Traffic Jam at Rohtang Pass

I passed through the Rohtang Pass again while coming back from Leh. This time it was 11.00 am in the morning and I just could not recognize the place. As far as the eye could see there were vehicles parked all over the place and temporary tents selling food have sprung up everywhere. The Pass was crowded and as we Indians litter like maniacs, the place was dirty beyond recognition. The views in the distance were still as beautiful but I am not sure that I would enjoy it much if it was a stand alone visit.

It also did not help at all that we sat in a traffic jam for hours. As the roads are narrow even a little bit of indiscipline can cause a long traffic jam on the mountain roads. As we were coming for Leh which is a very long and arduous journey with one night break in Keylong, all I wanted to reach Manali early and crash! But we had no such luck, the jam cleared only after a long time. I arrived in Manali completely tired and quite underwhelmed with the Rohtang Pass. I would say the real trips start after you leave Rohtang Pass behind!

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13 thoughts on “On the Way to Rohtang Pass: Traffic Jam”

  1. Congratulations, Auntie Mridula! And really, Indians are fond of littering? Somehow that clashes with my understanding of Indian philosophy and religion. (Not that I know so much, of course!) I hate litterbugs, personally.

  2. cntaur5, thanks a lot for stopping by, if I am not mistaken you are from epinions.com?Viji, thank you, if I will post her photo now, my sis and brother-in-law will sue me! No, just kidding but they have not started posting her pics anywhere and I too somehow feel a lot more protective.Crystal, thank you. I held a new born baby in my arms for the first time and I have to agree with you.Mo, thank you. I am also aunty to an eighteen and almost fifteen year old nephews who live with me. My nephews and niece are so much fun.Coming to Indians being litterbugs, they do so outside their house. Mostly Indians are cleaness freaks when it comes to our homes but litter with glee outside. Anyone who has been to India or lives here will probably agree with me.

  3. Mustang, I am not sure you will enjoy it too much now. It is too crowded for words. If you want to have a look at scary roads try travelling to Leh or Spiti sometime. It might change your definition.

  4. Poison, I have to agree with you.Ganga, I took the photo from the other side of the road. The road curves and there was a collection of water somewhere in the middle, hence the traffic came to a standstill. Thank you Terry, I am so glad you liked the photos.

  5. Mridula ji, your experience will be helpful for me as I am also planning to visit
    Leh via Manali. I will make a banner and on my way to Leh I will hang at prominent place in Rohtang writing ” ROHTANG IS VERY BEAUTIFUL PLACE LIKE OUR OWN HOME. ENJOY IT. BUT PLEASE DO NOT LITTER


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