Useless Wali: Now What Was That?

Roaming in the main market in Leh, the capital of Ladakh we spotted this curious signboard on the shop selling souvenirs. We were quite amused and decided to take a photograph. I have not figured out till date what ‘Useless Wali,’ and that too Regd, means. The curious thing was, we saw the same sign ‘Useless Wali’ on another shop too. Maybe ‘Wali’ means ‘road’ in Ladakhi? I am not sure. Even if, ‘Wali’ means road, why Useless? I wonder if anyone who has been to Ladakh has a better clue.

I have a few other such photographs and will post them here later. I somehow feel such signs rather than being odd, added to the charm and mystique of the place.

12 thoughts on “Useless Wali: Now What Was That?”

  1. Hi Mridula! I think maybe useless wali might refer to odds and ends or touristy type stuff. Does that make sense? It’s stuff that isn’t essential.Jan

  2. Maybe Jan is right Mo. Wali is a Hindi word and it seems to go with the interpretation that ‘come for useless things, trinkets.’ How could you come up with it Jan?

  3. Useless is FUNNY though!!! Most people wouldn’t consider souvineers or trinkets “Useless” because that word makes it sound like you wouldn’t want to have it. Maybe frivolous would be a better word? Or just souvineers! LOL!

  4. Mo I agree,on second thoughts why useless? Needless alley! wow Ladakh has some competition. Free Spirit, try searching google ‘Useless Wali’ and you will find there are others who are as clueless as us.And thank you all of you for stopping by.

  5. In commercial English “Regd.” is just an abbreviation of ‘Registered’ as with a Company name or a product name.Sometimes written as R with a circle around it.

  6. Hey Gordon I know Regd. is abbrevation but it looks all the more funny in connection with Useless Wali? Getting something useless registered! That is what I thought was funny. Thanks for stopping by. If you write on the web why not leave a link?

  7. I am clueless too. I should check with *A*’s bro though, he is stationed in Ladadkh. He might be able to find out. Is it any place near Leh? Cos that is where he is.

  8. Sanjay, this shop is in the main market, Leh. If you have time do check it out that would be fun! And if you search ‘useless wali’ on Google, you will find the term has caught attention of other travellers too.

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