Sunset at Ladakh

My Ladakh trip has been special for many reasons. Just before going to Ladakh, I had started this blog. I was not finding a job of my liking and that too changed once I came back from this trip. So personally Ladakh is a place that leads to so many fond memories. I visited the place before it became infinitely popular. Sunset at Ladakh is doubly magical.

Our aim was to trek up to the Markha Valley but due to my ill health we had to give up the trek. This picture was taken on the trek. We reached only up to Gandala Base and then had to turn back.

This is Ladakh!
This is Ladakh!

I remember walking up to Jingchan and it was such a hot scorching day. But come night and the cold desert climate would assert itself. On the trek we usually drink water from the streams. But the river was so muddy on this stretch. I strangely have no recollection of the food I had on the way. Only thing I can remember is Maggi as that is a must on the treks.

It is always heartbreaking to give up a trek. It is doubly so when you were the reason for everyone else giving up the trek too. But what had to be done, had to be done. After giving up the trek we visited Pangong lake, it is the header of my blog as well. But more than the trek I remember Ladakh for the road trip. Nothing would have prepared me for the roads that lead to Leh. We went to Leh in a shared jeep and came back by the government bus! That was one heck of a journey.

Ladakh is one of the most beautiful and remote regions in India. I have been there only once in 2005. And in a laptop crash I lost all the pictures barring a few that I had uploaded on the net! I have to return to Ladakh.

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