Monks with a Cellpone!

Monks with a Cell Phone in Ladakh
Sheesh! Never in my wildest dreams I imagined that my blog would get featured on the BBC. If you are as clueless as I was a little while ago, have a look at this!

The two people who introduced me to blogs are my sis Alka and her husband, my dear brother-in-law, Amrit. My many thanks to them for introducing me to this wonderful world and being gentle with me when I wrote something, deleted it and again created a new website. They stood by it all.

Now, let me go on with my travel tales. When I went to Ladakh I wanted to take photographs of people there. I often go to a very impressive website appropriately called ‘GoNOMAD.’

There I read an article about how to go about taking photographs of people in the regions we visit. It had a basic but a very good idea (I am sure it had much more, but this is what impressed me most) that one should ask for permission from people before taking their pictures. I followed this advice with all my heart and found that many people agreed to get photographed in Ladakh.

The first time I tried it and was given permission was the photo above. It may not be very clear but the gentleman at the rightmost corner is holding a cell phone. I was impressed. I met the group on my way on foot, to the Leh palace and the stupa, situated right in the heart of the city. We had an interesting conversation when I asked them if I could take their photograph. The monk with the cell phone said, “But why do you want to photograph us, boring people?” I pleaded, “Please let me, please.” He then told me, “OK, whatever makes you happy. If that is what that makes you happy, you should go back to your place happy.” I thanked them again and again.

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16 thoughts on “Monks with a Cellpone!”

  1. hi~~it was such a nice pici enjoyed a loteve thought i am living in Asia Countryi want to visit India in someday^^what i would like to say is i envy you so much~~^^will drop by so often~~

  2. To the person who wrote the first comment, I wish you left a name or better still link to a blog if you write one. But thanks a lot form coming to my corner.Pecos, how write you are about cell phones. In one of the stupas in Ladakh at the enterence they have displayed a cell number, if anyone wants to get in touch!Preethi, I am so happy you enjoyed the photographs.Avik, thank you. In fact I also thought the same because now I do get some traffic my way (till the link lasts on the BBC, I know this too shall pass).

  3. I’ve been terribly fascinated by seeing vegetable vendors, doodhwaalas having cell fones… monks in Ladakh using them too…tht takes cell-fone popularity to a higher level! (puns intended).congr8s on getting featured on bbc! way to go.

  4. Mustang, I too was quite amused to see cell phone monks. Thanks a lot for coming by.Jan, so nice of you to stop here and leave your kind words. You have done the same with me on epinions.

  5. it is me who wrote the first thingi am Youngmiand the BBC homepage brougt me in hereoh..i gonna introduse myselfi am 24 years and living in koreado you know where the Korea is?anyway thank you for conserning^^see ya~~

  6. Hi Youngmi, thanks a ot for coming again. I do know where Korea is, though I have not visited your country. My friend works in Samsung and he has been to Korea and told me many interesting stories. Another friend went there for a conference and brought me a nice bookmark. So I do know about your country. Do you write a blog? Are you considering it? Let me know.

  7. hi~~it is me, Youngmiunfortunatly, i do not have a Blog at the momentand i am so happy to hear you againmany friends of yours are related with my country^^i love your pictures and writing eitheri will drop by soon~~see ya~~


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