Monks Monks Everywhere: In the Middle of the Main Market, Leh, india

This picture of monks in Leh was taken on our last day at the place. My husband had to buy something from the local market called Moti Market. I was too tried. I just sat on the steps opposite this monastery with other Tibetan people. This was quite close to the main market in Leh. I was reading a book sitting outside in the wide courtyard and inside a prayer meeting was going on. The place was vibrating with chants. There were quite a few people sitting outside like me. I felt peaceful, something I can rarely claim to be!

I must have still not recovered well from the stomach trouble that I developed on the trek, otherwise I rarely opt to sit down. I have always been a big fan of walking, to me a trip is not complete till I have walked around to my heart’s content.

Monks Monks Everywhere, Leh, Ladakh
I so wanted to click pictures of people sitting outside but I was too timid. I particularly remember an old lady with character etched in every line of her face, but I let it go.
A food mess was set up and they were cooking something delicious inside. Soon, that something was being served. I was asked if I would like to have some of the liquid. I said yes and started drinking the white looking stuff and it was like nothing I ever tasted before. Soon, a young girl asked if I would care for a refill? I agreed and she started chatting with me.
She was a Tibetan and has studied Library Science at Pune. She would like to work in a school at Leh after her studies. I asked her what the drink was and she told me it was Tibetan tea, made of butter and special tea leaves. Enjoyable, is what I have to say.


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