Har Ki Doon, Uttarakhand, India

We trekked in Har-Ki-Doon Valley in the year 2004 though Youth Hostel Association of India (YHAI). The picture was taken on the route from Seema to Har-Ki-Doon. I still remember our walk through the paddy fields.

On the way we met some women working on the field and their sweet smiles. Living for a few days in nature, when there is no electricity and the source of water is a stream or a river, is my idea of paradise. Of course, the food was provided by the YHAI kitchen at various camps. If you are new to trekking YHAI is a very good option. Generally their treks are safe and give you a reasonable level of comfort.

Har Ki Doon Trek
Har Ki Doon Trek
 These days treking is getting more and more popular so a lot of people are trying it. Only they think it is going to be a party in the jungle. Loud noise and jungle do not mix well. That is one issue I faced on some of my treks with YHAI. Some of the youth was quite unruly. And that spoiled the ambiance for others too.
I also remember that on one day it rained like anything, right when we had to start from the camp. Trekking in a raincoat is no fun. But the good bit was that the sun came out after a while and we dried out as well before reaching the next camp! This trek was also special for me because my younger nephew saw snow for the first time in his life.
The YHAI Har-Ki-Doon campsite used to be fabulous. I wonder if they still use the same campsite! It used to be huge, as big as a few football fields. I spent a very cold night out there, I don’t know why I would just not warm up inside the sleeping bag. It was a relief to be out when it was day break.
Overall, it was an excellent trek.
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  1. Gulnaz, try exploring this Youth Hostel Association of India (YHAI) sitehttp://www.yhaindia.org/There are many safe and budget options available from them for everyone. I did my first treks with them. I can say that even a single woman can go and join a group and come back safely. There programs are usually in May or December. For example one can trek in Goa in December.


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