Ganga Canal at Rajaji National Park, Haridwar, India

Rajaji National Park is situated quite close to the city of holy city of Haridwar in India. The photograph is of Ganga Canal at dusk which flows through the park. It is a short walk away from the only accommodation available inside the park. The accommodation is run by a government body and though it is very basic it is ok. Rajaji National Park is an excellent getaway from New Delhi. You can read more about Rajaji National Park on the net and see if it appeals to you.

When we visited the park we took just one safari in the jungle. The sightings were of wild boars and deer. But more than the sighting it was the feeling of being inside the jungle that was great. I mean if you live in a big city in India you may put your hair down to feel the breeze but it would be a fume saturated breeze in the end! To get some clean air one needs to get out! Now that in itself is a pity but what to do.

I also remember hearing a lot of birds near our huts. But we also had guests who would play loud music inside a national park! I sometimes seriously wonder why? I mean if you want loud music visit a pub in your city, why visit a national park? But of course I got no answers. The good bit was that those people left after a few hours.

And looking at the photo I wish I had a tripod or at least I used a stone to stabilize my camera. We were lucky that we got a room inside the park even though we just walked in without any advance bookings. I also remember very fondly that they offered tea at the reception. I anyway love tea but on that cold day it was an extra. Also such nice things usually don’t happen at government run guest houses. I wish to visit the park again!


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